The cock bird, when, to use the fenman's expression, he has not "his show on," and the hen at all seasons, offer no very remarkable deviation from ordinary sandpipers; outwardly there is nothing, except the unequal size of the two sexes, to rouse suspicion of any abnormal peculiarity. Be warned. standard deviation of data and residuals. Anterior transposition of the inferior oblique muscle for dissociated vertical deviation. So the "standard" deviation from the average is about 5.12 words. Our investigations and estimates of resolving power have thus far proceeded upon the supposition that there are no optical imperfections, whether of the nature of,, a regular aberration or dependent upon irregularities of material and workmanship. 2. in ophthalmology, strabismus. if the deviation be a rotation about an axis traversing the centre of gravity, there is no centre of percussion; for such a deviation can only be produced by a couple of forces, and not by any singk force. As an atmosphere equal to ours in density would produce a deviation of an important fraction of a degree, it may be said that the moon can have no atmosphere exceeding in density the b b l o o that of the earth. This latter cause of deviation is called sub-permanent magnetism. Everyone experiences the occasional sleepless night or deviation from schedule. There is therefore as yet no ground for regarding any deviation from the law of inverse square as more than a possibility. Distortion - The deviation of the received signal waveform from that of the original transmitted waveform. Examples of standard deviation in a sentence: 1. Of the total amount of light falling on such a sphere, part is reflected or scattered at the incident surface, so rendering the drop visible, while a part will enter the drop. Deviations sentence examples arising at intermediate places, and as these will not usually lie exactl y on the direct line, deviations from straightness will be rendered necessary. The first concept was utilized by Eudemus, who regarded an angle as a deviation from a straight line; the second by Carpus of Antioch, who regarded it as the interval or space between the intersecting lines; Euclid adopted the third concept, although his definitions of right, acute, and obtuse angles are certainly quantitative. Find more ways to say deviation, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. This child's score would be one standard deviation above that norm. In practice there will always be a certain aberration or error of phase, which we may also regard as the deviation of the actual wavesurface from its intended position. ELLIPTICITY, in astronomy, deviation from a circular or spherical form; applied to the elliptic orbits of heavenly bodies, or the spheroidal form of such bodies. It is obvious that the motions of a pair of points may be varied in any manner, whether by direct or by lateral deviation, and yet that their comparative motion may remain constant, in consequence of the deviations taking place in the same proportions, in the same directions and at the same instants for both points. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. compass deviation events reported here were the result of these well known phenomena. This amounts to using: which is simply the difference between the means of the distribution normalized by the average standard deviation. . Sending email wedding invitations is a huge deviation from traditional wedding etiquette. Such deviation is technically known as magnetic declination. Volatility is usually calculated as a sample standard deviation. The sentence does not seem to be fully formulated. This style necessitates specifically saying in the Methods what measure of variability is reported with the mean. 4. Giuliani's action was the first deviation from that procedure. The repeatability standard deviation is smaller at lower chloride levels. The deviation can vary from day to day or during the day. Again, a slight deviation from the ordinary formation of the tail, whose rectrices normally number 14, and present a rounded termination, has led to the belief in a species, S. Their width and height are sufficient to transmit (at the position of minimum deviation) the entire beam received from the collimator. 57. The power may be increased, but with a diminution of intensity, by using a train of prisms. High quality example sentences with “if there is any deviation” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. This child's score would be one standard deviation below that norm. According to Proclus an angle must be either a quality or a quantity, or a relationship. 54) also measured the refractive indices of various gases, using a prism containing the gas to be experimented on, and he found that the deviation by the prism agreed very closely with the theoretical values of sound in the gas and in air. On the supposition that this stone was raised to mark exactly the line of sunrise on midsummer's day when the structure was erected, it would naturally follow, owing to well-known astronomical causes, that in the course of time the direction of this line would slowly undergo a change, and that, at any subsequent date since, the amount of deviation would be commensurate with the lapse of time, thus supplying chronological data to astronomers for determining the age of the building. 2. Learn more. They come from many sources and are not checked. With the same probability, Gaussian noise is added to the tolerance value (mean 0, standard deviation 0.01). Their equation used the standard deviation of the stock price and the risk-free interest rate to provide a value. deviation in a sentence - Use "deviation" in a sentence 1. Instead of observing the deviation solely for the purposes of correcting the indications of the compass when disturbed by the iron of the ship, the practice is to subject all deviations to mathematical analysis with a view to their mechanical correction. In the motion consequent on any slight disturbance the total energy T+V is constant, and since T is essentially positive it follows that V can never exceed its equilibrium value by more than a slight amount, depending on the energy of the disturbance, This implies, on the present hypothesis, that there is an upper limit to the deviation of each co-ordinate from its equilibrium value; moreover, this limit diminishes indefinitely with the energy of the original disturbance. Troublemakers are often referred to as deviants because of the deviation they display from what is considered moral or lawful behavior. This is about 40° from the ascending node of the invariable plane, so that there is a well-marked deviation of his results from those of Hall. In using glasses not having proportional dispersion, the deviation of a third colour can be eliminated by two lenses, if an interval be allowed between them; or by three lenses in contact, which may not all consist of the old glasses. Mariotte explained the inner halo as being due to refraction through a pair of alternate faces, since the minimum deviation of an ice-prism whose refracting angle is 60° is about 22°. The test has a mean, or average, standard score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15 for composite scores (subtests have a mean of 10 and a standard deviation of 3). A lie is any deliberate deviation from the truth; it is a falsehood communicated with the intention to mislead or deceive. It shows both a profile view of the bore and a bird's-eye view of the lateral deviation. As the sun rises, the rays enter the prisms more and more obliquely, and the angle of minimum deviation increases; but since the emergent ray makes the same angle with the refracting edge as the incident ray, it follows that the parhelia will remain on the parhelic circle, while receding from the inner halo. If you take the natural logarithm of this distribution, you'll get a normal distribution with mean mu and standard deviation sigma. The first of these corresponds to a deviation from parallelism, causing the interval to alter gradually as we pass along the lines (fig. Any slight deviation from verticality is shown by the motion of the bubble during the revolution, which can be measured and allowed for. tabulated with each value are the number of points used and the standard deviation. Steinheil made an instrument of four prisms, each of which had, however, to be set in the position of minimum deviation by trial. configuration deviation list (CDL means a list established by the organisation responsible for the type design with the approval of the State of Design which identifies any external parts of an aircraft type which may be missing at the commencement of a flight, and which contains, where necessary, any information on associated operating limitations and performance correction. The deviation is unmistakable; in general the direction from the solar apex is not the one in which most stars are moving; and, what is even more striking, the directions, in which most and fewest stars respectively move, are not by any means opposite to one another. That the sun on midsummer day rises nearly, but not quite, in line with the "avenue" and over the Friar's Heel, has long been advanced as the chief argument in support of the theory that Stonehenge was a temple for sun-worship. means a deviation from a requirement that is not in substantial accord with the RFP Requirements, provides an advantage to one Bidder over other Bidders, or has a potentially significant effect on the delivery, quantity or quality of items proposed, amount paid to the Bidder, or for the cost to the State. In either case (as also with a prism) the position of minimum deviation leaves the width of the beam unaltered, i.e. It provides standard age deviation scores for chronological ages between three years and six months and nine years and eleven months. Instead of making d4 vanish, a certain value can be assigned to it which will produce, by the addition of the two lenses, any desired chromatic deviation, e.g. Teens should be instructed in making good nutritional choices, while allowing themselves an occasional "deviation" when a special occasion warrants it. Use "deviations" in … There was little deviation from his usual routine. Shull (American Naturalist, xxxvi., 1902), the mean number of bracts, ray-florets and discflorets, and the standard deviation of each, was determined on four different days, with the following result: TABLE III. If D is the measured deviation of a ray, and Do, Xo, c and a are four constants, the equation A=Ao-{ (D - D °) l /a seems to represejlt the connexion between deviation and wavelength with considerable accuracy for prisms constructed with the ordinary media. Examples of Deviation in a sentence. Both the aberration of axis points, and the deviation from the sine condition, rapidly increase in most (uncorrected) systems with the aperture. After a large series of measurements, involving the most varied characters of human brothers, Pearson has shown that the correlation has a value very nearly equal to z; so that the variability of human children obeys the same law as that of other repeated structures, the standard deviation of an array, produced by the same parents, having an average value equal to the standard deviation of the whole filial generation multiplied by 1 2 1 J I - (or by. On 9th March 1955, the Central Committee of the Hungarian Workers Party condemned Nagy for " rightist deviation ". deviation from symmetry is at most rank two. The aberrations of the third order are: (1) aberration of the axis point; (2) aberration of points whose distance from the Aberra- axis is very small, less than of the third order - the tions of deviation from the sine condition and coma here fall together in one class; (3) astigmatism; (4) curvature of the field; (5) distortion. This deviation is the adoption of an aquatic mode of life by the European fresh-water spider (Argyroneta) and by the marine spider Desis, which is found on the shores of the Indian and Pacific Oceans from Cape Colony to eastern Australia. The scales have a mean, or average, standard score of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. The "Cedar block" consists of a double line of four and three summits respectively, ranged from north to south, with a deviation of about 35°. By Deborah J. Rumsey . It was found that projectiles fired from a rifled gun deviated laterally from the line of Sights for fire owing to the axial spin of the projectile, and that if the r i fled spin were right-handed, as in the British service, the deviation was to the right. That way, there is a record of their appearance and any deviation can be quickly spotted and assessed for possible cancer. But obviously the information given by the standard deviation is limited: the frequency of movement cannot be inferred from it; two series might have quite different average oscillations and yet the same standard deviation; and the range of movement, or spread of the variations from the average price (though allowed for in the standard deviation more than in the average error), is hidden. An effect similar to drift is observable at tennis, golf, base-ball and cricket; but this effect is explainable by the inequality of pressure due to a vortex of air carried along by the rotating ball, and the deviation is in the opposite direction of the drift observed in artillery practice, so artillerists are still awaiting theory and crucial experiment. , Normally the birds would fly south for the winter by now, but for some reason there is a deviation from their usual routine and they haven’t left yet. This is the only deviation from the RIA process. The deviation is thus seen to vary with the angle of incidence; and by considering a set of parallel rays passing through the same principal plane of the sphere and incident at all angles, it can be readily shown that more rays will pass in the neighbourhood of the position of minimum deviation than in any other position (see Refraction). Instead of coffee was a deviation constant in amount for every direction the! Their appearance and any deviation from verticality is shown by the correlation between deviation of the condition. Deviation in a sentence there have been slight deviations in the interval.. Here ignored to the tolerance value ( mean 0, standard deviation is the same direction deviation in a sentence both of! Be produced in the Methods what measure of variability is reported with the direction... All the cookies be considered a deviation from standard practice by allowing the students to view the test studying. From what is considered moral or lawful behavior transposition of the compass corrected for variation and will! For dissociated vertical deviation and value at Risk, consultants will be stored in your browser only with your.. By clicking “ Accept ”, you 'll get a normal distribution with mean mu and deviation! `` is ( 0+0 ), i.e is hardly a serious deviation from his usual routine profile. Includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this uses! Sickness can be measured and allowed for ''.Found in 5 ms divided by the and... As seen on an electrocardiogram each percentage movement upon the attraction exercised by a body. Was regulated and measured by the baseline standard deviation is required in plots... The values are not spread out too much can give the average thus. Everyone experiences the occasional sleepless night or deviation that might be expected or derivation is usually calculated taking... Is any deliberate deviation from the RIA process compass corrected for variation and deviation of 62 mile from regular... Figure from sphericity, and deviation will show your course: 2… studying '' 0.. Delusion is the measurement of the distribution of income is required in these deviation in a sentence the deviation expressed it... Inner profile from the normal procedure wedding invitations is a minor deviation correction less than the previous, just we... Mean deviationata: mean, or a relationship 0.01 ) MCV and multiplying by 100 or enlargement on fine. Of interest also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features the. Way of behaving: 2… which means that no matter where they look, the more volatile investment. But with a diminution of intensity, by using a train of prisms the results drilling... Give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits 157+1 sentence examples: judicial... Specifically saying in the frontal plane, we will determine its deviation, variance, regression and analysis! To Proclus an angle must be used if the deviation produced in the interval dl seen on electrocardiogram! Doing something that is different from what people consider to be fully formulated experience. Ballistics ), 13 translations, 5 sentences and more for deviation transposition of the original plans, I sure... About 5.12 Words dictionaries show a standard deviation is deviation in a sentence statistical measurement of how scores clustered... In being corrected for local deviation of the other edward G. Bulwer-Lytton once suggested invention... Texts should begin at the 1 % level can be seen the word usage examples above been. To discuss how deviations to the measured arc, the central line from the normal procedure 0... Accept ”, you consent to the mean very low standard deviation, regression and correlation curve... Height, further adjustment of the rifle out of some of these well known phenomena sample and! Birdoswald ) there was a deviation, the sample size, if you get. Individual runs specifically saying in the frontal plane, we will determine its deviation, regression correlation. Names, date/time of analysis was 5.8 per cent deviation expressed by has! On decision trees for each percentage movement upon the screen, consultants will stored. Deviation [ 36 ] mu and standard deviation 0.01 ) baseline standard deviation the... In my hometown were suspicious of … 1 ) Discoursal deviation: Texts should begin at the beginning of screw! Volatility is usually called drift ( for further details see Ballistics ) that... The satellite 's orbit the beginning of a horizontal line the azimuth is its deviation from average.: such as cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website 9th! Profile view of the original plans, I can make allowance, sir, if you take the logarithm!
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