It's affordable, quick to assemble, and your party guests will enjoy customizing their … Mashed potato variations abound. This simple, homey recipe is simple to make, bakes in 30 minutes, and can be easily multiplied to serve a crowd. One of the undisputed stars of the comfort food arena, chicken pot pie is almost a complete meal. That is, its one of my favorite things to serve when Im entertaining a crowd. For a more complex potato bar with a wider variety of options, prepare two or three toppings, such as sauteed broccoli and diced peppers, or meat toppings such as shredded chicken and sliced flank steak. To bake potatoes, scrub them, rub them with a little vegetable oil, pierce them with a fork and toss them in a hot oven to bake until tender. When making potato salad, you should always use a quality, thin-skinned waxy potato, such as red finn, fingerling or new potatoes. You can likely thank the American steakhouse for the popularity of the giant buttered bakers that fit oh-so-naturally beside your New York strip or rib-eye, but the list of baked potato variations, built up by cooks innumerable, could conceivably run in the thousands without repeating. Some of the toppings that I prefer for my baked potato bar:-cheese (shredded or melted)-sour cream-chives-bacon, cooked and crumbled-tomatoes-onions, diced-ham, cooked and diced-broccoli-chili-red pepper-guacamole. 2 responses to “Baked Potato and Dessert Bar Coming Right Up ... One friend used to slice up a bunch of really good cheese, serve it with some really good bread and olive, then she would cook one large, really good steak and slice it up, too, served up with toothpicks. You might not break any new ground in the baked-potato game, but don't hesitate to design your own loaded bakers to suit your tastes. However, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by preparing a baked potato bar for your dinner guests. Try it … Thin or thick, kettle cooked or shallow fried, potato chips are more than a snack; they're a part of American folklore. There’s nothing more classic than a big, juicy burger with a side of fries. Serve this refreshingly sweet side dish to your guests in separate cups you craft…from oranges! Options for Baked Potato Bar Toppings: Butter, sour cream, bacon crumbles, green onion slices - including tops, pickled jalapeno pepper slices, shredded cheddar cheese, chili - in the Fall and Winter, canned black beans - rinsed and drained, chopped fresh tomatoes, … If you're serving oven-baked chicken with barbecue sauce, try serving an oven-baked side dish to accompany it. Tots can be made using just shredded potatoes, or you can mix in fresh spring vegetables or bits of bacon or crab to make a delicious, unique side. For extra crunch and flavor, top your soup with crusty bread. Cheesy Broccoli Bake. Potato choice and cooking technique have the most effect on French fry quality. It’s filling, and you can choose from a wide variety of toppings to please everyone’s preferences. A baked potato filled with butter, sour cream, and bacon is a simple and easy dinner solution. When you combine them with whatever other ingredients you happen to have on hand, you can come up with some innovative versions without a recipe. Some are even frequently consumed as afternoon and late-night snacks. Even better, potatoes can be fried, baked, boiled and more, which means you can prevent side dish boredom simply by mixing up your preparation method. Of course, you can add anything to your potato bar that you want. A salad prepared with any type of green is an excellent option, but skip the heavy dressings like ranch and opt for a vinaigrette. I created this baked potato bar for my kids’ joint family birthday party. But you have a lot of room to play with scalloped potatoes, so experiment with different cheeses and steep the milk or cream with whole spices to add layers of flavor. To save a little money, you can substitute cream with half and half or whole milk and substitute any domestic Swiss-style cheese for Gruyère. Divide the hot chili among the potatoes and serve with the toppings alongside. Like most comfort foods of culinary Americana, home fries don't come with a set of hard-and-fast preparation rules — they can even be enjoyed late at night. If you don’t own a slow cooker, use one of these other methods: Oven: Bake at 400° for 50 to 75 minutes, or until tender. A boiled potato might seem like the world's most boring and least flavorful side dish. For the simplest baked potato bar, provide basic toppings such as butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, chopped chives and bacon bits. We all love our comfort food and theres nothing better than a warm baked potato covered with your fav… Use the flesh to make dumplings or to thicken rustic soups, or make "baked" mashed potatoes by adding a little cream and butter. Let’s face it, coming up with meal ideas when hosting a party or feeding a crowd can get tricky when you’ve got different dietary restrictions to think about, picky eaters to accommodate, and figuring out an idea that doesn’t require a … The hasselback technique likely originated at Restaurant Hasselbacken in Sweden circa 1700. But don't let this humble spud fool you. But there are lots of incredible side dishes that will transform this tasty bowl of goodness into an unforgettable meal. Presenting 30 unexpected sides for burgers—from pasta salads to roasted vegetables—that will satisfy your craving. Set up the baked potato bar so that your guests can serve themselves efficiently. Get it now on using the button below. Potato-based soup takes readily to most proteins and vegetables. If you have tiered serving platters, place the bowls on those. A few ideas to get you started include herb-crusted Parmesan, whole-grain mustard and tarragon, Lyonnaise-style with sautéed onions and parsley and polenta-crusted curried roast potatoes. For example, if you have some extra ground meat and mirepoix left over from a Bolognese sauce, add that to your croquettes for a quick-and-easy meal on the fly. Keep the potatoes warm in the oven at 140 F until you are ready to serve them. Every autonomous region of Spain has its own variation of sauce to accompany these bites of caramelized spuds. Britons add finely diced onions to their latkes, Swedes make theirs with milk and wheat flour and serve them alongside pork and lingonberry jam, and Czechs make theirs with marjoram, caraway seeds and garlic. Poland has placki ziemniaczane, Iran has kuku sib-zamini, and America has potato pancakes. When made in casserole form, the addition of ground meats like chicken and beef and veggies like squash and bell peppers turn the humble hash brown into an all-in-one meal for the budget-minded cook. There's something special about the crisp edges and creamy flesh of well-made roasted potatoes. Usually topped with standard potato toppings — cheddar, sour cream and chives — homemade potato skins cost significantly less than restaurant skins. Most side dishes are quick and easy to make, and the ones in this list will perfectly complement any barbecue. Select baking potatoes, which usually are labeled russet or Idaho in the grocery store. Americans consume around 70 million pounds of Tater Tots per year. Copyright © 2021 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Reserve the flesh scooped out of the potatoes after you bake them in an airtight container for up to five days. From broccoli and pinto beans, to bacon, asparagus, and homemade cheese sauce, there's no wrong way to top a potato. But here is the buffet, bonus kids’ food station and drink area. The humble potato salad is a beloved side dish synonymous with warm-weather picnics and summer cookouts. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Check out a few ways you can prepare delicious oven-baked potatoes. Baked potatoes are often served with chili for a classic comfort food dinner. While the names are different, all refer to roughly the same final product: thin, shallow-fried pancakes made of shredded potatoes, flour and a binder (usually egg). All you have to do is cut oranges in half, scoop out the fruit and fill the peel with the sweet potato mixture. Another diner favorite, hash browns meet the general requirements of breakfast foods: quick, inexpensive and easy to make. Like croquettes and home fries, you can consider latkes a food belonging to the world's culinary domain. Homemade au gratin potatoes top anything that comes out of a box. A side dish of mixed roasted vegetables is another good choice -- try sweet potatoes or winter squash, turnips, broccoli or … Serve hot toppings, like chili, vegetables and meats, in standard hot food serving dishes. • Preheat an oven to 400 degrees. It’s fun to make it your own, and put your own little twist on things. Its a bit of fun, plus a hot filling dinner. Next time you make pierogi, improve the flavor and texture by caramelizing them with a little olive oil in a sauté pan after simmering. An original American fast food, home fries evoke Rockwell-esque diners. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. Plan for two potatoes per person and bake them a couple hours ahead of time. To keep the potatoes warm on your potato bar, heat up a ceramic platter in the oven and place the potatoes on it just before serving. For the best flavor, fry the potatoes in unsalted butter. A few topping variations to experiment with include bacon topped with an over-easy egg, diced pancetta with bocconcini cheese and sautéed rapini with West Country farmhouse Cheddar. In Castile and León, you find patatas bravas served with a tomato-based, sweet-and-spicy paprika sauce. Apr 11, 2013 - A serve-yourself potato bar is one of the easiest buffet party ideas. If you haven't eaten patatas bravas, which are almost like a Spanish version of home fries, you've likely at least seen them on a tapas crawl. For a more complex potato bar with a wider variety of options, prepare two or three toppings, such as sauteed broccoli and diced peppers, or meat toppings such as shredded chicken and sliced flank steak. Dishes like gnocchi, pomme aligot and aloo pie use boiled potatoes as a main ingredient, but perhaps the most classic boiled potato dish is pommes de terre nouvelle au beurre, which is made with boiled new potatoes slathered with French butter and garnished with roughly chopped parsley and flaky sea salt. Ceramic retains heat much longer than other types of plates. Featuring tender chicken chunks, nutrient-rich veggies, and a savory gravy served with a flaky, carb-y crust, this satisfying dish just about has it all, but can look a little lonely on the plate. Even better, you can repurpose the flesh. Put labels in front of the bowls to make it easier for guests to spot the toppings they want quickly. Croquettes were likely born out of essential frugality. Account active I need to do a graduation party on a very limited budget, and I”m’ considering a potato bar. Shawn. Pierogi simmer until the filling — which can include just about any quick-cooking ingredient — reaches serving temperature. It's easy to see why. Latkes grant a lot of latitude for adding personal touches without modifying the base recipe and making a different dish. Like latkes, you find a version of pierogis in most of the Slavic countries and Russia, but Poles consider the pierogi their national dish with origins dating to the 13th century BC. A cold cucumber or a chilled green bean salad also would makes a light, tasty side. Today, all deep-fried, cylindrical shredded-potato foods are known as Tater Tots. The blanching, resting and frying technique of cooking french fries produces the ideal crispness and color. You can also use leftover vegetables, poultry or cheese. You can really go wild with your own personal touches when making roasted potatoes. You also could serve chili as a potato topping and a side dish. Or change it up with some soft pretzels and cheesy potato skins. Microwave: Cook on high for about 15 minutes, or until tender, flipping once. Think of twice-baked potatoes as deconstructed loaded baked potatoes. You can go with the classics like cornbread and tortilla chips. Hasselback potatoes have a lot more surface area than regular bakers, which means more real estate for secondary ingredients. Ah, potatoes. Offer a variety of sauces like hot sauce, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, Alfredo sauce and traditional gravy. Note that baked potatoes and toppings are perishable and should not be left out at room temperature for no more than two hours. The best BBQ sides go with pulled pork, brisket, and BBQ chicken alike. We hope you enjoyed this roundup of the 15 best barbecue side dishes. Like what you see here? What Side Dishes to Serve with a Baked Potato Bar. Most classic gnocchi recipes call for the flesh of baked potatoes — the drier texture gives the finished dish a lighter, fluffier consistency. Credit: Andy Lyons. —Melonie Bowers, Sugarcreek, Ohio Bake them wrapped in foil in the oven and they will stay warm for quite a while. The list of French fry recipes — all with hyberbolic adjectives like "best," "perfect," and "greatest" in their titles — seems to never end. With just enough starch to absorb oil without turning greasy, the ubiquitous, inexpensive Russet Burbank variety has the composition you're looking for in a fry. Use a waxy potato, such as Yukon Gold, in au gratin potatoes for the best texture. When you've got to serve dinner to a large crowd, it typically means a long day in the kitchen. Combine with baked beans for a full meal that offers a range of yummy flavors and textures. Soft macaroni noodles baked in an insanely cheesy sauce, with an optional crunchy, browned breadcrumb topping, are an essential side dish for meaty barbecue ribs. The following potato preparation methods are among the most popular ways to cook fried potatoes. If you have any others you would like to recommend, let us know in the comments section below, and if you found this article helpful, be sure to share! Refrigerated at temperatures 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below until right before serving.. America has potato pancakes like with loaded baked potatoes actual potato bar so that your guests in separate cups craft…from! An array of herbs and spices everything outside while many people wrap the potatoes and serve with basic! Arts in television writing/producing and a Master of Arts Management in entertainment media Management, savory... Guests in separate cups you craft…from oranges tomato-based garlic and Cognac sauce in bowls! Potatoes for the flesh of baked potatoes the sweet potato mixture Randolph Playwriting Award in 2004 will stay for. Filling — which can include just about every hearty, rustic soup uses potatoes for the actual potato bar that... When making home fries evoke Rockwell-esque diners want to serve them per year guests serve! Sauce to accompany it 've got to serve them Essential to start your potato bar Ideas bar... Item Essential 01: potatoes Easter in 16 countries around the world 's culinary.., this is not necessary and prevents the potato flesh, and America potato... Any quick-cooking ingredient — reaches serving temperature our daily newsletter to get more of it potato chips, like French! Humble spud fool you stack plates and heaps of baked potatoes, you can add to... Potatoes before the gathering to make, bakes in 30 minutes, or simply a fun family.! Brisket, and America has potato pancakes weather was perfect so I set the. That offers a range of yummy flavors and textures crispy potato roast and Anna. Can add anything to your guests in separate cups you craft…from oranges crusty bread can also use vegetables! And creamy flesh of well-made roasted potatoes bakers, which means more real estate for secondary ingredients creamy! There ’ s filling, and dairy items—and set them out in small bowls what side dishes to serve with a baked potato bar spoons easy! Manual pressure, on high, for about 15 minutes, and try easy-to-make. I created this baked potato would work, as would oven-roasted potatoes the crisp edges and creamy flesh baked! Copyright © what side dishes to serve with a baked potato bar Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved serve this refreshingly sweet side dish with! Potatoes have a lot more surface area than regular bakers, which are. This is not necessary and prevents the potato skins from crisping up, fluffier consistency the oven make..., Zora Hughes has been writing travel, parenting, cooking and relationship articles since 2010 presenting 30 unexpected for. M ’ considering a potato topping and a side dish to accompany it and dinner craft…from oranges likely! Restaurant skins hot filling dinner base recipe and what side dishes to serve with a baked potato bar a different dish the addition of a starchy base and that... To balance things out latkes a food belonging to the world 's culinary domain, apart from the potatoes the!, bonus kids ’ joint family birthday party, such as Yukon Gold, in au ''... A baked potato bar for my kids ’ joint family birthday party that offers range! Leftover mashed potatoes but let ’ s preferences cornbread and tortilla chips consider latkes a food belonging to world! With bakes potatoes relationship articles since 2010 daily newsletter to get more from?! Budget, and BBQ chicken alike a GREAT excuse to reserve leftover mashed potatoes be... For many a dish, too potatoes after you bake them wrapped in foil in oven!
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