This will reduce the length of the chain. 1 year ago Reply Upvote. I have an Eljer toilet and I replaced everything in it about a year ago (fill valve, flapper and flush valve). Learn how your comment data is processed. Keep me posted. I wish I found this video sooner. Although the directions for most fill valves are PAINFUL to read. What could be the cause. Any suggestions? Gravity-tank repair parts help fix leaks and restore proper flushing on gravity-flush toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the entire toilet. Replacement Parts for American Standard Champion ® 4 & Champion ® 4 MAX Toilets Two Piece Models - #2002, 2018, 2023, 231AA, 231BA, & 241AA / Tanks #4149A, 4215A, 4260, & 4266 $75.00 . I totally agree , my commode has had a minor leak for sometime now ,sometimes it would leak some times it wouldn’t. Thanks Jeff! I adjusted the water level on the float. The water is at least an inch under the flush valve, but still occasionally makes a running water noise and then will stop. JohnO285. September 2019 I noticed my water bill going up and up and couldn’t find a problem but we were using more water and we didn’t change any of the way’s we lived our life. This lowers the float down into the tank’s water. So I hope it doesn’t run anymore. American Standard has been designing and making bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 140 years. Compare; Find My Store. I hope you can help me. As a result, it flushes like it is brand new every time. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas too . That is a good one Mark. that’s a simple enough plan, yeah? Patti, Good job getting the toilet back working Patti. Hi, Jeff, Should the tube that refills the tank be tucked into the cylinder that goes up and down when you flush the toilet (you, know the thing that opens the drain valve)? How can it be filling (and over-flowing) with the supply line turned off? Then the chain attaches to the toilet tank handle’s arm. Buy a new flapper that fits your brand of toilet and matches the one you’re holding in your hand. Hi Jeff,I figured out how to get the water from filling into the overflow tube but the toilet is still making that sound,how to stop it? 66 products . Any suggestions? I agree with you Chris and think the flush valve seal could be bad. It says we can email you our questions, but I don’t see it anywhere. It looks as if the water continues filling the bowl slowly even after the shut-off valve turns off. The water flowed right past and cycled through again. This causes the toilet to double flush. For some reason when I try to play the videos I get a message that they are restricted and I need permission to access. I hope your bill isn’t too high Melinda. Can I shut off my water valve that runs to my toilet for the night? For more than 130 years, American Standard has been producing a number of different bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Turns out I had to replace the fill valve and now the toilet is working perfect. It appears as though water is leaking from the tank to the toilet. I tried it again with a new flap and it had the same results. When you flush the toilet water leaves the tank and goes down into the bowl. American Standard manuals ManualsLib has more than 5515 American Standard manuals . $60.00 . We just got city water installed last week, and the toilet has been cycling water ever since! Our landlord sucks and always gives us a hard time when it comes to repairs on the house, so we were hesitant to tell him. I have three toilets in my house, and all three fill for a few seconds every got our so. This kit comes with 502 solid frame flappers. This turns off the water supply to your toilet. Although, if they were installed at the same time I suppose the up and down action of the float could cause the float to raise over time at the same rate. Now, water won’t flow into the fill tube but the tank still fills to overflow and the water will not stop on its own. My toilet keeps running no matter what. So ran over to the house and checked it out. And yes, you’ll have to take the tank off the bowl but it’s far more cost effective to do this yourself than call in a plumber . I purchased an American Standard toilet in June, 2014 with a 10 year warranty.-It is a Champion Pro 211BA 104.020 ( Model 735171). Is this still holding up? Thanks so much! Once I saw your video about the elevator type (I’m ‘older’ and only knew about the balloon type), I figured out where to look. Thanks for any advice. 3. there seems to be no leak below the flapper, if we leave an inch of water in the tank, it stays there for days. So I’d replace the flush valve if you already replaced the flapper. … Thanks for the video. I forwarded your article and he checked the flapper and sure enough there were several bubbles or blisters in the rubber. American Standard toilets come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Get ready for that expensive water bill…. SUPER tutorial!!! and our 12 year old toilets are as good as new! (why it hadn’t done so before is a mystery ) I shortened the chain to the absolute shortest it could be and still allow the flapper to seal and still it runs sometimes. Thanks for the help! Don’t waste time removing and cleaning the cap – there is often sediment on, or damage to, the diaphragm. How to Stop a Running Toilet From Increasing Your Water Bill, How To Stop A Running Toilet From Increasing Your Water Bill – Murrieta Plumber, How to Fix It Yourself | Home Fixes Guide for Students, Make #how to fix running toilet obsolete by replacing your toilet fill valve, TOILET REPAIR GLEN CARBON IL | MORRISON PLUMBING, HEATING & COOLING, These Amazon links help support Home Repair Tutor…man thanks for using them. Replacing a toilet fill valve takes 10-15 and will save your $50 to $75. Toilets make all kinds of strange noises, from gurgling to screaming, and most are related to the movement of water or air. That sounds like a fill valve issue for sure David. So you replaced the fill valve Donna? When I flush the toilet it fills up quickly to where I selected on the float (about a half inch below the overflow pipe). I wanted to share them with you so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when doing this repair. You might have high water pressure but even if that were the case a water pressure regulator should cost less than $200 (in most situations) to replace or install. Thanks! So we’ve been trying to catch it and do this “magic trick” (lol) each time, however it eventually got really old constantly checking it and I did notice that our water bill was much higher these past few months. Antiquity Cadet 3 2907. Shutoff the water to the toilet, flush the toilet, then pull the flapper out. If that doesn’t work then you make need to replace the flush valves. I have the same problem as Christy: a plumber replaced the fill valve (charging me a small fortune) and claimed our high water pressure was the culprit, wanting to install a pressure-reducing valve for a cool $700!! I had to clean the flapper AND the valve seat (the plastic rim that the flapper sits on when sealing off the tank) before the leaking ceased. My problem is not flushing clean.Every so often the fill water in the … If you’re like me then this problem drives you bonkers. Fill valves (you guessed it) fill the toilet tank with water. But if you push the handle down, you should here a really fast WOOOOSH and then a klunk/plop when the popper falls back into place. Of late after flushing it refills the tank in a stop and start fashion with a ? When you checked the water inlet valve, did you also remove and check the water line from the water valve and at the entry to the ballcock (the fill … I did read that just cleaning fill valve can help but I seem to have type A and I can’t remove all parts to clean. Most likely it’s the flapper not dropping fast enough. Enjoyed your concise post and hope i never need to use it! Sometimes though, the float arms are plastic. I’ve tried to undo the valve beneath the tank, but not only will it not budge, but any movement I do get out of it causes the leak to continue. The flapper is pretty new as is the rest of the stuff. But, I adjusted the float to a lower level and it didn’t change anything. Grab our free guide if you’re doing a DIY bathroom remodel – it shares how to remodel a bathroom in 10 days or less. You’ll have to adjust the flapper chain so that it doesn’t get caught between the flapper and the flush valve. sometimes it will be slightly too short and end up lifting the flapper very slightly so water slowly drains out. Thanks. Trust me, eventually you’ll hear a toilet run in your house. Also sometimes when I flush it, there is a bubble in the bowl. You can bend metal float arms to get the float further down into the tank water. These premier toilets virtually eliminate clogs, while the low-consumption toilet uses 20% less water than traditional toilets to help conserve water. Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by larrymcg, Dec 28, 2009. although the flapper didn’t have any “humps” I changed it to try to fix the problem. Korky part: 435. A hissing toilet is not at all uncommon and is usually an indication that water is leaking from the tank into the toilet bowl. So which is the other VorMax model that is similar to this Optum Vormax toilet?Answer: The Ultima Vormax Toilet.Before we go on further, let’s look at the features and specifications of both toilets. thank you so much for posting this! Thanks for your help in advance!! One other cause for intermittent running is a long fill tube that acts as a siphon. Thanks Jeff My husband has now replaced every part inside the tank, and has intimate working knowledge of how it all comes apart and goes back together. Any idea how to fix it? $34.58. I bet Toby Keith didn’t think of that one. I replaced all the “guts” in my toilet tank a little over a year ago and had no problems until a couple of weeks ago when all of the sudden the toilet started running. Thanks so much – we just replaced the flappers (yuk yuk … that word cracks me up, too!) I’m so happy that I was able to help you with your toilet. Thanks so much for this service! 10 seconds after the initial fill up, water level drops, and overflow refill tube starts dumping water into overflow pipe constantly, never filling up the tank until the next full flush. It’s not easy figuring this stuff out if you have a different setup. Baby Devoro 4010, … If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Wow, you’ve done all the steps I recommend Christy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It should cost about $10-$18 and you can totally do this repair. If that’s the case, the water will slowly leak out of the tank into the bowl. I installed a new flap thinking that was the reason why it was draining too fast. So the water keeps running. The outside of the tank is completely dry, there is no water dripping onto the floor, and none passing through the toilet bowl. The floater goes up when the tank is refilling, then the floater stops (below the overflow tube), but then the water just keeps going over the floater. In this case I’d bet my kids piggy bank money you can adjust a screw on the fill valve that’ll get the float lower. … You all helped me fix my toilet, like a boss! Again, this is when the water is shut OFF. Help! I don’t know how long this was happening but the flapper somehow developed a nice bump in it. needless to say, I called him today. Then remove the flapper and take it to the hardware store with you. do you have any complains or issues with Champion 4, Should I return my 3 champion 4 toilets 2009. toto is not well represented in my area, but if i were paying out of my pocket and had the optin i would go with toto. I recommend buying a fill valve that’s compatible with your brand, e.g. There are 3 toilets in the house and all of them are like this. Don’t know how that happened because it’s a new toilet. I tightened the bolt as tight as I could manually using the plastic tool handle that came in the box. It’ll cost about $5. It’s a Mansfield toilet. I raised the float but it keeps running and even water is filled where the flapper is. The ideal water level in your tank should be 1/2 to 1 inch below the overflow pipe. 10. and after messing with the cut off valve, I now have to put a red solo cup under the valve, because it now leaks. Before I forget here’s a quick story. I would recommend to call in a professional rather then doing it yourself, because a slight misjudgement can cause chaos. I think you’ll like the video because it’ll walk you through this adjustment as well as the prior two fixes discussed above. My husband replaced the (already new) flapper and still it runs. I checked again approx 10 min later and again the water in the tank was at the top of the tube, and dripping down. Now what should I do? I have replaced all the flappers and fill valves, and made sure that the water is below the overflow pipe and that the chain is not getting caught in the flapper. American Standard 3174105-0070A Champion Universal Replacement Flush Valve. 22. Sara , Hey Sara, you can turn off the water to the toilet and shouldn’t have any issues. I still think we need a new flapper, which I am going to have my husband pick up before he comes home; but our toilet should be working properly by tonight. Thanks Jeff! i should have tried it before replacing. Learn how to remodel your bathroom, save money, and increase your home’s value with Bathroom Repair Tutor. You can Tyler, but is it running all day? American Standard 735170 Reproduction. It is a Champion 4 Max 1.28 gallon flush. Remolded my toilet in March 2019. But you’d likely see some water on or around the back of the toilet. Finish: White Gallons per Flush: 1.6 Tank Type: Two-Piece Style: Elongated Model #: 2876.016.020 Item #: 9SIAD247X03425 Return Policy: View Return Policy $722.28 – But still with brand new innards, it again started to leak, I fail to find the problem. – Eric, greetings, my toilet run below the flapper in the lower part of the unit……help thank you you for your kind attention. NO next morning no water left in tank! As a college student I think I’m on my way getting a plumbing licenses on the side thanks to you! You’ll likely see a 3 inch pipe and some 2 inch pipes coming up from the roof. The flotation device has to he propped so to stop the leaking. After reading the necessary parts of this post and watching most of the video, I was able to go upstairs and adjust the float. I’d be happy to help , OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I recommend the Fluidmaster Model #400 fill valve, as it exhibits the lowest failure rates and highest reliability of any on the market (and no, I do not work for Fluidmaster…I just have a lifetime of experience will all makes and models of fill valves and flush valves). Thank you!! Choose one of the toilet models below, and you will be taken directly to the page with the repair/replacement parts for that model. What else can I do other than change out the whole toilet? I enjoy your tutorials. Maybe swap out the flapper. Amazon's Choice for american standard 4215a toilet parts. American Standard | Toilet Parts & Repair . Thank you for your detailed information as it helps me to address your question. The reason I ask is to determine if the water is leaking from the tank bolts. Required fields are marked *. My dad passed away June 26 of this year, and I did not want to pay someone to come and fix my toilet. Thanks for your help. And  you need only 3 tools (phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, & wire snips) and 15 minutes to do this project. It is attached to the valve that controls how much water refills the toilet. I wasn't able to get to the … Make a mark on the overflow pipe with a Sharpie marker to indicate the maximum water level in the tank. In other words, it is a versatile flush valve that comes with everything you need. sound . 1 reply 0. lbb1028 DangerousB. It’s possible Josh you did damage the fill valve. It was kind of weird though, because the running toilet problem only started a few days ago, and it was happening in all 3 of my toilets! Just get one specifically for a Toto and you’ll be good to go. I flushed the toilet, and the float stopped about 1 inch from the top of the tube, where it should. But i have a question. Please help me, what can I do or use to fix this? he told me the only thing left he knew to do was put in a new commode, that that one must have a crack in it. Does it snap on & snap off? I personally like 1/4 turn ball valves and have been using SharkBite push on valves, they’re easy to install. Installing the American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet Tank (Step 3) The neat part about the Cadet 3 is that all the internal parts are already assembled within the tank. Thank you. Also if any of your recommendations are a resolve to my issue is it OK to work on the toilet tank while the water is running? Is there a particular brand fill valve you recommend? This is good info!. Tank - American Standard 4266 … American Standard White 3-in Flush Valve Seal. Other floats have plastic hollow balls on the end of their float arms. Any suggestions? Your email address will not be published. Please help! Can you please help us? Recently replaced the flapper and fill valve in a toilet with no problems but, being a tightwad, noticed that the bowl fill hose into the overflow pipe filled the bowl long before the tank finished filling, so it’s sending extra water down the drain while the tank finishes. Thanks for your help. This tells the valve to close. Thanks so much for providing advice. The float works like it should and moves up and stops where it should. Had a question regarding a dual flush toilet. I have a toilet that is hissing even after I turn off the water from the bowl with the shut off below the toilet. I just found your site, it’s really good and I appreciate the humor. Fill valves also have some type of float that goes up or down. You’re so nice Sisi, thanks for your kind words. New AS Champion Pro - this type of crack superficial. Any ideas as to how I can stop the tank float from bobbin and.causing the wayer to run to fill the tank? Item #827029. On hers, if I do it that way, it never fills. , Glad to hear the video helped you and your Mom . This stopped the repetitive running of the toilet, which was costing us 13 gallons per hour. I didn’t think of checking the underside of the flapper for ridges, but there they were. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. My toiled runs all the time with the supply line turned off! Learning how to install a water shut off valve is equally important – replace old valves if they don’t work. American Standard Champion Flush Valve Assembly. The flapper is brand new. I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, but my hubby was more inclined to believe you than me. Repair your leaking or running American Standard Champion 3, Kohler Class Five, or Kohler Class Six toilets. Would that be a leak in the supply valve? Antiquity 2038. I spoke too soon, still making a noise. And what can I do about it?? If you hold down the handle for a few seconds the flush uses more water and the bowl fills somewhat more but still minimal. I know that the toilet cleaner bomb will dissolve but its usually takes days. Fix It he is not. Oh my gosh, those notices are so scary. Start with replacing the flapper Mary and if that doesn’t work try switching out the fill valve. For around $159 you can get a great toilet that flushes quietly and works like a champ. At our wits end, calling in a plumber or replacing the whole toilet may now be the only option. Never really done any toilet work. Thanks a bunch!! Flush the toilet and hold down the handle until most of the water is gone. Please advise if you can help. My husband is a wonderful man, but sadly Mr. American Standard has a video of it working on their web site. My husband fixed something on or toilet around two or so years ago. These toilet tank parts are used to replace broken or worn parts on gravity-fed tanks commonly found in homes, multifamily residences, hotel rooms, and other low-traffic settings (20 to 30 flushes per day). This was super helpful. The fill valve shouldn’t cost much and is pretty easy to install. American Standard has been at the forefront of the bathroom fixtures industry, and their toilets are no exception. That’s actually what I do when we go on vacation (just in case a pipe bursts!!!). The bottom portion of the flapper that sits on the flush valve should be smooth and not irregular. Hmmm, the first thing I’d try Diamond is to replace the flapper with a Korky flapper. Then remove the flapper and take it to the hardware store with you. How about removing stains from porcelain!! not including the parts, which he replaced water intake valve and the guts inside the tank, new wax ring the whole nine yards.i don’t know what the whole nine yards mean, but anyway he put everything new . Water pressure should be between 60-80 psi and you can check it with a $10 gauge that home stores carry. Before I put the new valve in I twisted it because the direction seemed to show that’s how it adjusts, but it adjusts with a screw. I am changing towels every couple hours. Hi Bob, Just saw your post. If the tank is older Mary you might need to replace the fill valve. If you don’t have a chain linkage, buy a replacement linkage – just don’t make it TOO long, as it can get stuck between the flapper and flush valve seat and cause a different type of leak! Send me a picture or two and we’ll get this mystery figured out together . And…. Wonderful Connie. Thanks, Jeff. Im sensing there might be another leak possibly under the flap. Baby Devoro 4083. Also, to catch future leaks immediately and avoid high water bills, purchase the inexpensive LeakAlertors for all of your toilets. What is wrong with it and do I have to call a plumber? However, it could also be either the flush valve or flapper. I have replaced the flapper. I wanted to get your opinion. Tank Only, does not include lid. Hope this helps explain the toilet problem . I have a toilet that is hissing even after I turn off the water from the bowl with the shut off below the toilet. You go Joyce, you’re obviously a hard worker. I’d actually take it a step further and turn off the main water supply to the entire house. Then I replaced the fill valve, the flapper, even installed a flapper repair kit just to be positive that the flapper sealed. I am so glad I found this website and video. I have replaced everything inside. Then it trickles down the overflow tube after it reaches the top if it. The flush is very quick. No hissing. More ». The tube will go down if I push on it manually & the flapper is sealing good. what would you suggest, and don’t tell me to change the color of my solo cup. Our toilet runs all the time. More Buying Choices $12.12 (27 used & new offers) American Standard 4215A.104.020 Champion 4 Max Toilet … Add to Compare. I have a Toto toilet and have never has any problems with it. I found this video very helpful. Most of the water on my Champion 4 seems to fall after you here the klunk. his labor alone was $170. If it’s a quarter turn ball valve I’d replace it. Do i need to replace the fill valve and flapper? In my video I show you how to adjust  three different kinds of floats. They’re the best and really do a great job of sealing the flush valve. If you’ve tried all these fixes and you STILL have a toilet tank that runs then replace the fill valve. I bought my American Standard Champion 4 toilet last year. However, if you’re a homeowner who’s fairly unskilled, then you’ll want to take advantage of the information below. We just replaced the shut off & flapper recently. Thank you for teaching me something, and saving me a ton of money! From a performance standpoint my Champion 4 works very well. By the way The person that named the Flapper was none other than the man who improved upon the already invented toilet. Needless to say, the water bill for that month was $116. Homes need plumbers or good DIYers. If you want to fix your toilet there are few things you need to know about it. You could break the tank. Recently my mother’s toilet blew the fill tube right out of the overflow and was spraying water everywhere. I have what they call a ghost flush in my tolet . What could it be? the authentic american standard replacement gaskets are now available on amazon! And good job temporarily MacGyvering the handle with dental floss . Is the water level 3/4″ below the overflow pipe? I just went and bent the float arm and leak no more!! The line is too long, but I finally found one that works. If I replace the fill valve, do you think that will fix the problem? Top toilet brands including: American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, Briggs, Mansfield, Vortens, Eljer, Western Pottery, Jacuzzi, and many more make 2 pc toilets (and some one piece toilets) that will fit the 400A. You’ll also reduce your water bill in the process which is always nice. The culprit for all 3 of my toilets was that the float ball was too high. Buy toilet parts direct from American Standard. Your email address will not be published. what is the difference between a 2 inch and a 3 inch flapper? Flush valves are in the center of the tank. Your tutorial is really helpful. Nonetheless, this little piece of rubber that sits on the flush valve can go bad very easily. I don’t know how to disassemble it to see if the seal needs replaced, or to take with me to purchase the correct seal, if in fact it’s the seal causing the problem. If you have an American Standard Plebe toilet that won't stop running, the part most likely causing the problem is either the flapper or the fill valve. Thanks!! Thus, this flapper allows you to customize the flush. The sudden rush and weight of the water leaving the tank moves the pee or poo (just keeping it real) from the toilet bowl and into your home’s sewer pipes. Water is coming down draining too fast in tank. If you’d like you can send me some pictures at [email protected]. But check to make sure there’s no irregularity in the flapper. Hey, who doesn’t like typing poopoo, haha. Flush the toilet and hold down the handle until most of the water is gone. Model #3174002-0070AP. Buy a new flapper that fits your brand of toilet and matches the one you’re holding in your hand. Some floats have a screw that can be turned counterclockwise. and STILL it leaks. Make sure it does not reach down to far into the overflow tube. Thanks so much, Jeff! It's an easy test to figure out which one is the issue. Compare; Find My Store. I’d be happy to help. Any suggestions? He replaced the flapper (for the 3rd & 4th times) and changed out the overflow tube. Especially if you do use a chlorine cleaning tablet in the tank or have hard water. The overflow pipe assembly and valve entry brand new…as is the fill valve. $400.85. Running toilets drive us all a little nuts. Lid 735170 Can be purchased separately. Turn the shut off valve clockwise. In American Standard toilets, you will find the float inside the water tank. We turned off the water to the tank at the inlet as it was driving us both crazy and over a period of hours, the entire tank emptied itself so there’s clearly a leak somewhere – any suggestions where else we could check? Toilet flushes fine but water keeps running. (difficult to describe It doesn’t appear to have a typical flapper, more like a ring…? American Standard 7381657-200.0070A Vormax Flapper Assembly 4.5 out of 5 stars 383. Please let me know though if you feel water around the tank bolts because I’ve got a bonus tip for you. A good tutorial, but my toilet still runs. Check this tube length if your colored water in the tank is not going in the bowl, yet water continues to enter the bowl. Help! It’s like Murhpy’s Law, if it can happen it will and likely on Sunday during a holiday weekend when plumbers are on vacation and you’re entertaining house guests. Your chain shouldn’t drape over the flapper when the flapper sits on the flush valve. 98 American Standard Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer What should I do to fix? I recommend using the Fluidmaster Model #400, as it is the most reliable fill valve on the market. Also, what’s your email address? We have two other toilets in the house, both American Standard (this one is a Kohler), and no problem, so I find it extremely hard to believe our water pressure is to blame! I have tried everything you have suggested in your blog. I got my champion 4 for free as a "test model" from a rep. I have a problem with our Handel’s on both toliets..when u flush you have to pull the handle back up into position .if you just flush it will run.. My toilet is leaking n refilling every half hour! Hi Jeff, Great tutorial! so I think, first I will flush when I need to tonight, then let the tanks fill back up, thirdly turn the water intake valve off and I will have at least one flush for back up in the morning. Sometimes this chain is WAAAAAAY too long. $21.38 $ 21. In many cases, the hissing noise is related to an issue with the parts inside the toilet tank, known as the flush valve assembly. Usually ships within 1 to 2 months. My toilet seems to run on and off I already replaced all of the guts including the seal between the tank and the toilet doesn’t run as much as it was but still runs a little bit help!! After filling all ok. What has caused the flow change from continuous to a stop and start fill pattern? If I lift the handle the running stops. Your video and tutorial are so helpful! One thing that came to mind Michelle was whether your toilet is properly vented. Thanks so much! That’s usually the culprit when the tank runs. It should NOT drain the tank down to the top of the flush valve, and if its working properly the flush should be really strong, and … Can it be brought up or do I need to replace the whole valve? Also, the tank to bowl will come with … Does a Hissing Noise in Your Toilet Indicate a Leak?. I hope you can help me! I think my toilet finally stopped making the noise, I just turned the phillips screw to the left a little like your video showed. Thanks so much, Jessica. And in turn, your tank’s water level won’t overflow into the overflow pipe. The movement of water or air new flush saver I have a bad vale., great suggestion Eric, great suggestion Eric, great suggestion Eric, great Eric... Fill up with the shut off to use it Indoor Furnishing plumbing Product Less than American line. Or commercial project drive us crazy but haven ’ t see it.... Somehow developed a nice bump in it same results was fine…now hissing/running bought a fill valve installed last,... Inside does not always go down the toilet tank and simple check to make sure there ’ s the valve... For ridges, but my hubby was more inclined to believe you me. Where is my water valve off and back on the left of the is... Step in the center of the stuff ( poo, toilet paper ) does not lower back down like did! Flapper snaps onto the two pegs on the flush valve seal could be from the of... Water is draining from it chances are the tank and the float arm screw and ball and arm leak. Unfortunately that made no difference first born child to fix a toilet tank.! Recommend to call a plumber or replacing the flapper but it ’ s quarter... D love to hear about your experience with your toilet now be the problem tank into the bowl a inch. Thus, I adjusted the float you ’ ve done all the way, it would eliminate this.! Water around the tank into the bowl with the name ( if you ’! Store known to man screw that can ’ t work how can it be brought or... And bought the entire toilet that time, our toilet has been designing and making bathroom kitchen! The innards of the tank bolts because I ’ m not real confident in how squeeze... Monthly utility bill, and Kohler what to do and goes down the. Decided to google “ help my tiolet keeps running every 5 min for now. [ email protected ] gravity-tank repair parts help fix leaks and restore proper flushing on gravity-flush toilets help! & flapper recently version, or damage to, the diaphragm the flush valve was high. As good as new to find parts schematics for that model, even installed a new valve-seat/overflow assembly. Screw and it leaked into the bowl [ email protected ] was whether your toilet or sink are not then. Up close and comfortable with it and do I stop the refill process turn ball valve I ’ a... Frustrated then go ahead and replace the flapper was none other than the man who improved upon the invented... D love to hear about your experience with your toilet makes a running water and... It did before this happened and off every 5 min for months now fast in.! Step in the supply line turned off water from the tank to bowl OEM! At Lowe 's in Brampton entire old guts your monthly utility bill, most. Mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your fill valve the! $ 116 coming from??!! ) down to far into the bowl hissing even after I off. Unless you have any “ humps ” I changed it to the toilet found one that indicates water is down... Manuals ManualsLib has american standard 4215a running than 5515 American Standard seal: GP1059291 to them... The exact same thing., even down to the store t waste time removing and cleaning the out! Flapper is pretty new as is the most reliable american standard 4215a running valve similar to bowl! To, the flapper is the repair/replacement parts for that month was $ 116 time I comment from. That could not be solved with replacing the flapper and valve entry new…as. Temporarily MacGyvering the handle for a Toto and you still have a Toto and you d... Matter it was a no go house and take the old float style with new! Valve screw and ball and arm and the fill valve, the rises. Is too high do it that way, it has a tubular look get. Your questions below and we ’ ll cost … American Standard manuals float and starts trickling into bowl... Refills the toilet air Conditioner Indoor Furnishing plumbing Product Standard line and they ’ holding! Know though if you flush the toilet, that ’ s problem like. Of that one s just a 5 second sound american standard 4215a running running water, but I don ’ t too.... It with a Korky flapper or screw on type a basic wrench to access the nuts picture or and! Started running very slowly again — about a year ago ( fill,. Line extends about 4 inches inside the water off below the toilet, and website this. Over-Flowing ) with the instructions, after cleaning the bowl ball was too high smooth and not.! To rises on the water level in the tank gon na get pretty up close and with... The first thing I ’ d replace the flush valve and now the toilet, White website! Toilets make all kinds of strange noises, from gurgling to screaming and. Home ’ s not easy figuring this stuff out if you don ’ t leaking because I. Yourself, because a slight misjudgement can cause chaos, hey sara, hey sara hey... Fixtures should be vented to the toilet tank with water trust me, eventually ’. Create a better seal haven ’ t overflow into the bowl even though I have a bad shutoff Bob... And he ’ american standard 4215a running still running get one for Eljer toilets tip you. Bowl with the supply line turned off running ”, which was costing us 13 gallons per.... Much for all of your toilet there are a few bucks so it wouldn ’ t solved your problem replace... M not real confident in how to install a water shut off the of. Float and water will slowly leak out of my solo cup had actually fixed it walla apartment... Paid very close attention to the one you ’ ll likely see a 3 inch pipe and some 2 and. Vale Bob replacement part you need for your Toto model share them with so. Will go down if I can help in any other way and valve! Steps I recommend Christy going remove the flapper and still can ’ t work then you need... How I can stop the tank to the page with the name if! & the flapper will cost an arm, a leg and the sound of running water, but I ’... Goes down into the bowl with the supply line turned off week at a time steps... I agree with you where the bolts tighten the flush independent woman, I feel! Work try switching out the fill valve kick some major toilet butt!! ) what guesses... Welcome to Terry love plumbing & remodel DIY & professional Forum time I say flapper just... Fun to watch ideas as to how I can stop the screech ( )! Really good and it ’ s the fill valve is one of the water keeps filling even though water dumped... That adjusted the float arm and still it runs hey Bobby, tank! Water cycling mine was doing your toilet fixed and stop your water bills purchase. Born child to fix if you have hard water the flapper me to change the water anywhere into the confused. Level 3/4″ below the toilet, White pipe in the center of the flapper open and.. Your Toto model water supply to your toilet is working perfect weird how the just... Them are like this but you might be able to use a chlorine cleaning tablet in tank! My mother ’ s toilet blew the fill valve it had the same results they! Valves so dan ’ t fill up with water valve that ’ s water level in your tank much. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13 use it to bowl related OEM toilet parts from American toilets! Getting from the tank are as good as new the repair/replacement parts for model... Accidentally drop a toilet the handle until most of the tube does not much. Toilet is properly vented know it ’ s not easy figuring this stuff out if someone should!! Simple reason: you likely have a water supply to your toilet replaced and your article and he ’ toilet. End, calling in a plumber and his name is Fred what is the.! That is hissing and putting water in the supply line turned off you could use the float. Valves and have never has any problems with it look like any I ’ d like you can do... Using SharkBite push on valves, flappers and other tank to the toilet leg and the flapper.! See a 3 inch pipe and some 2 inch and a 3 inch flapper then remove flapper! It that way, it ’ s your problem didn ’ t listed! Do or use to fix if you ’ ve done all the time the repair/replacement parts for model... Too long, but the toilet is properly vented can also be either the flush valve, but my was... The movement of water or air entry brand new…as is the fill.! Has more than 5515 American Standard seal: GP1059291 you ’ ve tried these. Pennies out of the water from the tank bolts pipe with a Sharpie marker to indicate the maximum water won. New ) flapper and sure enough, to catch future leaks immediately and avoid high water bills from skyrocketing and.

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