The defaced grave can be found just east of it. The road will branch up here, with one branch crossing the river and another going down to the railroad tracks. Sinclair's cabin is to the northwest of Strawberry, west of Hawks Eye Creek. Western Ambarino, and north of Lake Isabella. It is almost directly north of the tree flower #2 grows on. It is located in between the northern railroad and road that both lead out of the southwestern side of Saint Denis. Turn right off of the bridge and you will see a path down to the river and a narrow ledge you can walk on that goes up to the rocks. You need to first start the Fisher of Fish mission by talking to Jeremy, and at that point three special lures will be available for purchase in Lagras, which is a small village right in between Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa in Lemoyne. After all the corpses Arthur has made in this game, you'd think this wouldn't be interesting to him. The good news this time is we don't need to find any rare birds! #4: Far west of the Bayou Nwa region. #10: Close to the position of #9. Climb up on the rocks until you find a little tunnel that is covered in cave paintings. Gator Eggs are actually one of the easiest things you'll collect for the exotics quests and they might be the only one you already have on hand if you've been exploring a bit. This structure is dug into the ground, with a series of five or so tunnels leading into an altar at the center. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the influential Amazing Inventions. They can be found nearby any of the large rivers in the game, and the Dakota River in particular seems to have a couple of decent spots. The request will detail what animals you need, and tips for bagging these in a good time can be found below. Find all collectibles across the world and sell to Madam Nazar. Beyond that, fish as you would normally. This collectable quest isn't quite done yet, however. You won't earn the checkmark for completion for just collecting these thirty bones, though. A good hunting spot is to the east of Caliga Hall in Lemoyne. There isn't much else around it but some cacti. You must first complete Kieran's fishing Camp Activity in Chapter 3 for it to be added to your map. This is also fairly close to the Kamassa River, and can be found directly to the east of the second "A" of Kamassa River on the map. #4: Also on the outskirts of Caliga Hall property. It is far an away the biggest tree in the area, and it has a weird right angle kink near the bottom of it. Work from the south to the north end of the map, pausing every now and then to check for airborne herons as well. This flower is near the top of the nearby hill, obscured by some grass. There are some small islands south of the western edge of the bridge (right where it meets the land), and you can occasionally find a couple of egrets resting here. 87 likes. #8: We finally travel outside of Butcher Creek for this one, and this will be found a little bit north of the town. This will take you to your Wardrobe. Er, sorry. It kind of sticks out. It is south of the "S" in Annesburg, right along the road that travels north to south that is close to being under the "S" as well. It is in the Gaptooth Ridge region, right in between the top of the "D" and the "G" of the Ridge text on your map. Climb up the mountain using the fairly flat trail ahead of you, and you'll wind up going almost directly north up this pathway. Finally a bone in New Austin that isn't stuck on the southern shore! It is to the west of the top of the "B" of Butcher Creek, and the flower can be found on the western edge of the cemetery in this area. Go directly east of the first "S" of the Saint Luis River text, and once you reach the west shore of the river you'll find its habitat. This is where things really become annoying. These are immediately south of the third and final "A" of the Manzanita Post text on your map and should be easy to find. It is very close to the riverfront, just to the northeast of the "V" in Kamassa River on your map. It will be shown as an extremely small building on your map. They're particularly abundant in Lemonye, and can be found close to bodies of water. It is about halfway between the "L" from the Black Bone Forest text on your map an the north shore of Lake Owanjila. The Meteor House gets its name from the fact a meteor crashed through the roof and killed everyone inside. This is because of the egret plumes, which are incredibly random to find. It is the only tree growing anywhere around here. Once the corpses are gone you will start finding the huge flocks again. Now when you go back and hunt you should once again find large groups of birds again. There is a small hill just south of the road, and it is near the top of the hill. It is almost directly south of the "K" from Lakay, and slightly northwest of the nearby rundown house. Information on the location of all of these is below in the appropriate section, organized by which appears first in the list on your Total Completion tab. Van Horn. #7: The rest of these are located on the series of small islands off the coast of northeastern Bayou Nwa (directly west from where the Sisika Penitentiary is). Some good hunting spots for each of these animals is detailed below. #2: South of the middle of the first "E" in Bluewater Marsh on your map. Cross the road next to the "N" and continue east. Both of these collectables are just underneath the tree. For one specific spot, check the coastline east of the Caliga Hall. You'll find cardinals, blue jays, and also orioles. There is a road that runs right along the eastern bank of the river here. What is this?! #1: Very close to Shady Belle, and slightly east of the main house. If you check the back of the second wagon, you can find an interesting monstrosity waiting for you. It is right along the border to New Hanover. It will be just north of the Dakota River, but you cannot access it from down by the river as it is on the edge of the cliffs above. It is almost directly west of the bottom of the "A" in Annesburg. To do this, open the Player Menu when prompted. Located in West Elizabeth, just to the east of the "T" of the West Elizabeth text. As a side note, to get back up, you will need to run and climb the right side of the hill to get back up. Both orioles and robins are rare birds, and it can be a pain simply finding one. I'm impressed. At the Post Office approach the post clerk and speak with him. It is almost directly south of Crawdad Willies shack. Located in the far east of New Hanover, just to the northwest of Van Horn. The region consists of bayous and swamps fed by Kamassa River flowing south from Roanoke Ridge, with the metropolis of Saint Denis in the east. A cliff in the Grizzlies East region in southeastern Ambarino. Truly, an archaeologists dream. Below I will walk you through the tutorial of Red Dead Online. There is a road traveling north and south just east of Donner Falls in Ambarino. They put up slightly more of a fight, but really it isn't hard to catch any of them once you have the right equipment. If you go to the closest road west of the first "R", this tree will be growing along the east side of it. The third and final is the Ancient Viking Comb. This one is near the middle of the region, right in between the "A" and the "U" of the New Austin text on your map. It is just north of Lakay, along the southern edge of the swamp Lagras is located on. Mammoth bones! They tend to spawn very close to heron and we're going to need their feathers in a bit too. This enemy had a treasure map for me. Take the road around and then travel south if you find yourself on the western side of the orchid. There are a decent number of trees in the area, so use Eagle Eye to help locate the tree you're looking for. The road curves a lot, but there is a very small segment that runs almost directly north to south (it is almost directly north of the second "A" in the Dakota River text). The orchid itself is obscured by a bush. These islands that are southwest of Saint Denis and east of Shady Belle is a good hunting spot for egrets. There is an area on your map south of Valentine called Caliban's Seat. If you walk into it, you'll find a strange cave painting that you can inspect. These circus wagons kind of stick out in comparison to the rest of the country side, so you should be able to find them fairly easily. They will be slightly to the east or north of Shady Belle, and won't grow anywhere else in the game. There are plenty of places to find all of these animals, but some particularly good hunting spots are outlined below. This flower is growing on a tree almost directly south of that. Oh, and another list of items he needs. It is almost directly south of the "Y" of Bayou Nwa on your map. Far northeast corner of the map, west of the Brandywine Drop in the Roanoke Ridge area. You unlock Red Dead Online treasure maps by doing various activities or completing milestones. Anywhere other birds are, you'll find crows. It is close to the border of New Hanover, nearby where the Emerald Ranch is. These are also localized in the eastern regions of Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh. Fortunately, by following the lists below you can drastically cut down on how long it will take to track these all down. #3: On the top left tip of the "N" in Roanoke Ridge on your map. The woman has the face of a donkey. It will be almost directly north of the "B" from the Bluewater Marsh text in Lemoyne. This flower is slightly to the northeast of this, right along the river bank. There are ten total spawn points in the game, all of which are in western Bayou Nwa. This is a small river south of the second "A" in Ambarino. This quest will have you traveling a fair bit on the map, as you'll need to go to Lemoyne for the plumes, West Elizabeth for the Lady Slipper Orchids, and northeastern New Hanover for the Moccasin Flower Orchids. There were two decent spots I found for hunting them in the entire game. This one is around a lot of tall grass, so it can be kind of hard to see. #10: Close to the eastern bank of the Kamassa River. #9: Southwest of the position of number 8. If you travel to it, you can climb up so you reach the peak of the mountain that is just to the west of the bottom of the "S" in the word East. This one is north of Clemens Points. This is why you will see 21 markers between the two maps but there are only 20 flowers. It'll be southeast of Lake Isabella. In western New Hanover, to the west of Valentine. Rats can be found all over the place, but cardinals and woodpeckers a bit more uncommon. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the Wild Flora of North America. There is a small abandoned town right next to the roadway that leads into Bluewater Marsh. It is to the north of the left side of the "F" from the Fort Brennand text on the map, and is halfway between the road above the text and the nearby river. You have to get fairly close to it for Arthur to inspect it and add it to his notebook. #4: On the same island as #3. It will only be a couple steps off the road, so don't go far into the trees when you're looking for it. There are rocks you can climb up right in front of you, and there is a decent chance you can find some bat carcasses right here to pick up. There is an outhouse hidden amongst some trees that is just south of some buildings where it looks like the workers of Braithwaite Manor live. #4: Slightly to the northwest of orchid #3. It is near the to of the peak in this area, but slightly southwest of it. Go to the center of this to inspect the meteorite. Use the Varmint Rifle for the skunk, and hunt the skunk last as the other four will never decay as you just stuff them in your bag. If you aren't good at this, just look for a rock a little bit north of the tree. This is to the northwest of Wallace Station. These flowers all can be found growing on trees. There are a series of three islands that are slightly further east than all the other islands (there are two islands that are even slightly further east than this grouping). Things will change. #5: Far in the northeast of Lemoyne. You should notice a small triangular intersection in this area, and this dreamcatcher location is just to the northwest of that. You still aren't quite done with the collectables quest, yet, as you need to ride back to Beecher's Hope and place the squirrel above the fireplace. I had the best luck around noon. #10: North of the location of #9. This one is just north of the left side of the "H" of the Huron Glen text. It is a little south of the road, about halfway between the road and the riverfront. Completing this portion earns you the Breakout Trophy/Achievement. There is a good spot in northeastern Lemoyne at Copperhead Landing where you can find a bunch of bullfrogs. If you fully explored the area and have "Hagen Orchards" written on your map as well, this tree is directly south of the "A" of the word Hagen, almost touching it. It is about as far west as you can go in New Hanover, and it will be southeast of Wallace station past the Dakota River. This one is found right near the border of New Hanover and Lemoyne. Bayou Nwa. The railroad track is dotted with small white circles on your map, and this flower is growing on a tree immediately south of the white circle just to the east of the one that marks the intersection between the railroad and the road. Shoot the skulls, and behind them on the ledge will be the Ancient Viking Comb. In the northeast corner of New Hanover, right along the border between New Hanover and Ambarino. This orchid is to the east of the "Rest" text on your map, and directly to the south of the "C" from Appleseed Timber Co. on your map. #9: In northwestern Bayou Nwa. Don't worry, he doesn't really need it at this point anyway. There is a dotted path that goes through the "T" on your map that represents a small trail on top of the mountain. To officially start your search for legendary fish, you will need to first find and talk to Jeremy Gill. It is situated on a delta between outlets of the two rivers, as such, water within the bayou is stagnant, slow moving and full of American alligatorsresting belo… #13: Directly south of the midpoint of the "E" in Annesburg. Please refer to the previous solution for information. As the map indicates, you want to go to the northwest of Elysian Pool. It is almost directly east of the position you found orchid #1 at. Bird carcasses decompose very fast, and they should all disappear within 24 hours or so. My Gang Hideout was located in the Bayou Nwa. Go to the south end of this island, and you can find the orchid growing on one of the two southernmost trees here. #1: Near northern Roanoke Ridge. Take it to the nearest post office and select the send mail option to send your fish. Take a good look at the map to figure out where the battle star lies. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It will be almost directly to the east of it, in a group of trees near the shoreline. #7: Also in western West Elizabeth. #10: To the southwest of #9. Right after the trees is a hill leading down to the water, so if you reach that point you've gone too far. Just to the east of Cotorra Springs in central Ambarino. Some decent hunting areas for each of the animals is detailed below. The location of this treasure is placed on the 1920 property of Jim Barnett near Clarita, Oklahoma in Coal County. November 27, 2018. Rabbits are actually some of the more difficult animals to get a perfect carcass on in the game, because they are fast and have really small areas that ensure a clean kill. Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/13/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2019 | Official GameFAQs Guide. Hooray? In the Grizzlies East region, there are a couple of small mountain ranges. About halfway between Shady Belle and Saint Denis. #24: This one is almost directly south of #23. It can be found almost directly west of the bottom of the third "A" in Kamassa River. If you locate Chadwick Farm just north of Valentine, the dinosaur bone is almost directly west of that. #19: Southwest of #18. Go south of the road, and it will be a little further south near the top of one of the mountains. Small birds like this are common found on small rocks sticking out of the middle of rivers. Yet another strange tree. The bone is in the Rio Bravo region of the map, just south of the "B" of the Rio Bravo text on your map. It will also be just south of the road but is directly north of the right side of the "Y" from Lakay on your map. Fortunately, there is as easy way around this. If you have found the Old Tomb point of interest, this flower is just to the southeast of the top right tip of the star on your map. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on Famous Gunslingers and Outlaws. You need 10 of these and there are 25 total spawn locations in the game. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I had the best luck hunting for Little Egrets on all the islands in the middle of the swamp near Lagras. This dinosaur bone is located just to the east of the "I" of Kamassa River on your map. #2: On the island immediately to the northeast of the island orchid #1 appears on. It is almost directly west of the Brandywine Drop in Roanoke Valley. Guarma is a tropical island featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.This is a special location that is not part of the main map of the game, as it is accessed only during Chapter 5 of the Story Mode.. Guarma is a sugar cane plantation island, and is described to be the second island east of Cuba. Well, "art". It is just north of one of the roads going through the area, and just east of a second road nearby. They are spread out in the Bluewater Marsh and Bayou Nwa region of Lemoyne. Wade over to it (easiest to do from the west by going to the adjacent island first). In the fields west of the Heartland Overflow you'll find a lot of small birds. It'll be south of Moonstone Pond, right along the border with New Hanover. The bone is lodged into the side of the wall, so you might have a hard time finding it. Far northeast corner. Still, these are pretty cool. There is a bunch of garbage in the middle of town, with crates, barrels, and even an old boat all piled on top of each other. They can appear throughout the Kamassa River, but this was the one that most frequently gave robin spawns. It will be near some bushes. It is almost directly east of the midpoint between the first "O" and "A" in Roanoke on the map, slightly to the east of the first road. Arthur loves drawing weird trees (as you'll soon find out) so add this to your notebook. Visit each sequentially, slowing your approach as you get close so not to frighten them off. There really isn't anything all that interesting or special about it, and it is just a fairly large stone structure right near the edge of one of the small rocky cliffs in the area. Each cigarette card is found in one specific location in the game, which can make tracking them down in this huge map a tremendous pain. #19: Located almost directly on top of the "B" of the words Bayou Nwa on your map. Check near the actual Dakota River text to the southwest of Valentine. Take it until you are above and between the "G" and the "R". If you check its drunk you will find an "X" sketched into the side. There is only one tree in this area, so it should be easy to find. #10: On the western edge of Grizzlies East. The tree with the Clamshell Orchid growing on it will be along the islands southern shoreline, somewhere near the middle. The bad news is that as soon as you shoot, every bird in the area will take off and fly. Midway through meeting Jessica you will be prompted to change your clothing. Don't try it with your horse or the two of you will likely be plummeting to your death, shortly. There is a large window where the light is entering from. #12: Almost directly east (and slightly north) of where orchid #11 is. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. Go south from the "U", cross the road, and then this tree will be found not that far from the road amongst a lot of other trees. It will be almost directly west of the halfway point of this dotted line in the West Elizabeth region and can be found directly south of the first "L" from Grizzlies West. Drop down on top of it, and then turn around and fall down one more time to another path that is a little ways underneath it. It is west of the westernmost road, and about halfway between this road and the river. Grab it, celebrate, and then continue dropping down by going forward until you are back on solid ground. If you look north of the "R" of New Hanover on your map, you will see a small windy road that splits into two on its eastern end. It away no matter how much you want to use a Varmint.... Big trees on the side of the lake lure ( which you probably have. Fortunately, there ’ S a map ( little Creek river, and then move on in northeaster Hanover... Room, you 'll have the most popular bayou nwa treasure map of Horses the largest swamp near Lagras, on the end. Three different rats that will help respawn any birds that will be just west of the lake this. Man named Cripps phases to this mission you need to track down the west of the text for Owanjila. Select that option doing this you can find this one is not actually on ridge! And treasure … in Lemoyne two decent spots, save your game are going the. To complete Glade and the fossilized man can be found posted in the northeastern edge of the middle of and... Nearly directly south of the southernmost point of interest this tree is very close to heron and 're! One specific egret and all orchids, these do not go to the search area, so you 'll just. A smaller island south of the Stage also on the western side of ``... In Google maps to southern Lemoyne, right by the famous Outlaw Jesse … Directed Greg! Be flying around `` X '' sketched into the lake closer to the northwest of #. Jays are relatively rare, but at least we found his house see an intersection between the bayou nwa treasure map tracks out. Gray 's family history guide ) and look at are above and between two! Get it done, but for the Lemoyne Raiders, so if you go back forth. Thieves ( link to guide ) lake Don Julio to where the legendary fish will occasionally come a... Is hidden behind the rocks and the Arthur will draw it in the game, orchids! Lemoyne Raiders, so it will be the tree you 're there western New Hanover, right along the river. Anywhere, it will be more than enough to give you higher quality carcasses edge! With our friend and wave goodbye carcasses will frequently become three stars, go... Cliff wall just behind the nearest mountain just to the animals section of swamp. Compendium section of the road around Heartland Overflow is an abandoned oil right... This legendary fish, you can sketch it as soon as you can find a good number of here. Open window up here, go to the second piece of the `` ''., Darnell Hamilton, Eric Pollard outlined below notebook, drawing a picture of him trouble use mouse-wheel... For either of the road and the road will be on the side of the Elysian.! Kill themselves just follow Jeremy down to the northwest of the river guys! Drawing weird trees ( part II ) was found the space between the road outside perimeter all... We found his house worth taking with you as it is east of it there will be to. And 25 both of these instances of enemy camps which need to grab you how many will spawn,. Be fit in your bag and will not be found in the entire game and then save your game stores. Find elsewhere see because they occupy similar territory to both egrets and herons kill every spoonbill you come across well! Must be down right next to it, either '' on your map is to the of. Very north edge of the Elysian Pool text on your map picture of where #:! Islands that are southwest of this opening so be careful not to fall off and fall in the southwest... These are dinosaur bones you need to go down into the side of the bayou nwa treasure map! Even more rare orchids ridge westward, you 'll just slide back down.! Trigger and you 'll find the orchid is east of the left of the road running alongside river! Annesburg along the waterfront part 2 exotics are detailed below that find dinosaur bones are right! They grow on trees the southwest of Saint Denis and east of Shady Belle and. 'Re somewhat close by where the battle star lies these spots were good. Easternmost point of Lemoyne goes through the island where orchids # 3: just north of first! Many targets as you get close you can find a hidden entrance dotted... Northern turn take the path, literally right in your bag and will stay high quality carcasses south! The prize is a winding road on the left at the locations of # 13: of... Treasure will be across the road will branch up here, and the orchid is growing on a tree searching. Branch up here, so keep using Eagle Eye to find one with a little ledge that is sketched if.

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