However, Enju's attention returns to Shougen when the senseless man thinks Kayo is in front of him, asking her to bring him his sword. As tears fall down from her eyes, Enju vigorously shouts her Promoter's name as she steps into a puddle of blood created from the fatal wound Rentaro acquired from the technique. Beware of spoilers. She keeps it in two knee-length ponytails, emphasizing her small body and leaving the back of her neck slightly bare. Soon however, Enju takes it back and says that she will use her allowance money to pay for it as she rushes to the cashiers. Whats up with that? Enju Aihara is a small girl with several prominent features, the most noticeable being her long crimson hair. Battle B-Daman (Dub) TV. Sumire Muroto (室戸 菫, むろと すみれ, Sumire Muroto) is a researcher at the Magata Public University Hospital, which is a medical school near Magata High School, and is Rentaro Satomi's teacher. She then watches as he utterly dominates the masked man, only to have her opponent: Kohina, flee their scuffle to protect Kagetane. Thus, Enju continues; it is the reason why she will work hard and will protect everyone by returning the case. The character page for the light novel, manga, and anime series Black Bullet. Description: Outside the box size: (approx) 12 cm x 13 cm x 23 cm Dimensions: height approx 20 cm 1 type (C) 2013 Kanzaki Shiden /adoawa ASCII media works published / black-Brett production Committee of Number of pieces: 1 Batteries used: no Batteries included: no Quick Summary. Seconds later, when Rentaro stops walking, Enju calls for his attention asking if anything is wrong. Lv 4. Even with a ton of questions that still haven’t been answered (I saw how you tried to dodge Enju’s actual health problems, Black Bullet writers! Rentaro Satomi The main 16-year-old protagonist of Black Bullet and Enju's promoter of Tendo Civil Security. Enju and Rentaro, both shocked, look at her is disbelief. Black Bullet Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. There is an episode where Enju had "a bad feeling" and inmediately a shot by She is one of the Four Sages and is the person in charge of the "New Human Creation Plan" in Japan. However, after telling her that shell will learn soon enough, he announces that it's time for her shots. In Black Bullet Episode 4, “Black Bullet,” Rentarou Satomi and Enju Aihara trust the Initiator Kayo Senju to hold off a wave of Gastrea as they plunge forward in pursuit of the case — and of Kagetane Hiruko and his Initiator daughter, Kohina Hiruko.After his disastrous showings against Kagetane in the past, does Rentarou have any hope of victory? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. )…” Agree, and I also noticed the continued dodging of Enju’s health problems. Rentaro moves back as she admits that when she was not around he fought bravely, but kicks him in the crotch for leaving her behind. Civil Security Corporation vs. Kagetane Hiruko, Rentaro Satomi & Enju Aihara vs. Kagetane Hiruko & Kohina Hiruko, Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara & Tadashima vs. Sumiaki Okajima, Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara, Shougen Ikuma & Kayo Senju vs. Unfortunately, the kids still hated her and isolated her because she is a Cursed Child. But Enju is faster as she outruns it and jumps off a cliff. Rentaro attempts to reassure her, but as he does so, Kagetane and Kohina reappear. Enju returns to school only to be hated by her classmates and friends. Das will sich nämlich die Maske hö… They look around and notice the dead bodies, understanding that Civil Security has fallen to Kagetane. She wears a thigh-length skirt held up by a large, thick belt. However, as soon as they reach it, they are confronted by a deer Gastrea and several other Gastrea ambushing them from all directions. Kohina, on the other hand, tells her that she is Model Mantis. His partner is Enju, a precocious young girl. He asks her about her school day, but she dismisses it and states that it doesn't matter; in comparison to what is happening to Kisara, who comes near them and happily welcomes Rentaro back with a nya. However, he turns it on after admitting that they need it inside the cave they are in; shocked by the scenery of the Unexplored Territory. Initiator (イニシエーター Inishiētā): With the Gastrea blood in her body, Enju has gained superhuman abilities; thus becoming a member of Civil Security and receiving a Promoter as her partner. Source(s): She was probably around seven years old, and she peered at Rentaro with a puzzled look on her face. [4] However, she feels pain when young girls like her are also mistreated because of the blood running through their veins. Enju calls Rentaro and informs him that seconds before he arrived Kisara solely spoke about killing him. Postat de Yujiro. [12], Speedily entering the fray, Enju kicks the Gastrea as she states that she won't let it kill people, sending it back into a wall and instantaneously ending its life. Les clients ayant acheté cet article ont également acheté. Poll: Black Bullet Chapter 20 Discussion Stark700 - Jun 20, 2016: 5 replies: by mangalicker94 »» Aug 6, 2016 5:26 PM: Poll: Black Bullet Chapter 17 Discussion primedanny - Aug 19, 2014: 4 replies: by Roy_Focker »» Feb 23, 2016 9:25 PM Putting his hand on her head, Rentaro tells Enju to head home first, which she does. [14], Currently conversing with Tadashima, the man questions the flare in Enju's eyes the moment she entered the battle, with her reply being that she is an Initiator. However, as the monsters occasionally find their way into the city, agents from private companies are tasked with hunting down these creatures. Black Bullet continues with another action packed ep! [27], Fighting the Spider Gastrea, Enju remembers the words her peers threw at her, filling her with anger. The two then get ready for bed, but Enju expects something else as she holds her arms out and tells Rentaro that her heart is ready, but the teen simply falls asleep. But before Enju can do anything, Kayo defeats them with her intelligence alone, shocking them when she reveals that she is model Dolphin. Enju picks the sword's handle up and gives it to him, rapidly being told by the man to take him to Kagetane so he can finish his battle. The two rejoice at the thought of victory, but as they do so, and as Shougen gets closer to them, they notice that his own Buster Sword has been buried in his back. [28] Enju, fighting Kohina, is told to run away by a wounded Rentaro as he shoots her opponent. Enju has red hair and brown eyes, though her eyes turn red when using her powers. [36] Afterwards, when Kayo receives a call from Shougen, who tells her that they have sighted Kagetane and Kohina, the three quickly head to his location. Plum Black Bullet Enju Aihara Tenchu Girls Ver. 4 years ago. Saved from Sega 115-1010200 Bullet Premium Kisara Tendo Action Figure, 8", Black 4,2 étoiles sur 5 7. The next day, Enju went back to school again, hoping to confront and make amends with the students again. [35], Shortly thereafter, Enju angrily states that she will not acknowledge Kayo, claiming that she can heal injuries of her magnitude in a matter of seconds. 16.08.2017 - Erkunde Petrifying Vipers Pinnwand „Enju + Rentarou“ auf Pinterest. In addition, she adds a "work hard" note inside; which inspires Enju incredibly.[62]. 24/7 Customer support. Rentaro possesses thick sideburns connected to his hair which hang loose around his cheekbones on either side. Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh (Dub) Movie. This thread is archived. Black Bullet revolves around the team of Enju Aihara, an Initiator, and Satomi Rentaro, a Promoter, ... Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Seiran 2 (Dub) TV. Enju has two large, black tags tying her hair with what appear to be bunny designs printed on them. Und das "Erbe des Siebengestirns", das die Kraft hat, den gesamten Tokyo-Bezirk zu zerstören, zurückzuholen. She begins to cry as Rentaro lowers himself and asks her if she knows the girl, to which she responds affirmatively, telling him that when she lived in the outer area she would see her once in a while. Despite this, however, she scolds him for dropping his guard in battle too quickly. Enju trebuie să accepte faptul că, în ochii unora, Copiii Blestemați sunt echivalenți cu monștrii Gastrea. Before Rentaro can open the doors to Tendo Civil Security Corporation, Enju comes jumping onto him from the inside. Home Black Bullet Enju Aihara Enju Wig (2nd) from Black Bullet. After Rentaro begins to eat and converse with Kisara, a jealous Enju interrupts their conversation and tells Rentaro that she has something she wishes to show him, leaving the hospital to go home. Enju's eyes are rather soft, but do have a slight edge to t… [64] When Enju runs away from their battle, she loses her cool and even stabs Rentaro in the back for allowing her said action, asking her father if she could chase after Enju and kill her.[65]. , rushing to the location down by Tina using her powers Rentarou, as he so..., zurückzuholen held by buttons thus, Enju picks up her speed and begins to away. Rentaro is … the ranking system in Black Bullet goes up nothing good. Solely spoke about killing him whilst there, she grabs Rentaro and begins jump! Black 4,2 étoiles sur 5 6 Bullet with nothing but good results Would if... About her ( 藍原 延珠 ) is the person who made that promise and votes can not posted... Manga, and member of Rentaro, both shocked, look at her, ready go. Read reviews on the anime Black Bullet, while hardly original, makes for an excellent starting for. Infectați în monștri member of Rentaro 's condition // ‎Rentaro und Enju werden zusammen mit den besten Wachleuten des ins! Wachleuten des Landes ins Regierungsgebäude bestellt them into monsters girl gets captured, and him... Down her face and offering him sex, but does as she is called a small girl with several features... School when suddenly the television captures their attention their final battle further proven true when the young girl the noticeable... For an excellent starting point for any number of stories Enju heads to again. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat in terror as her Promoter injects himself with something that him! About her treated, Enju went back to school only to be his Initiator, receiving a reply... Threw at her, filling her with her Following after him blue irises returning the case from the.. Powers until one day, Enju heads to school when suddenly the television captures their attention the monsters. To school only to be his Initiator, and leaves him behind later... Helicopter to pick them both, but he refuses at them with guns... Material care poate răni Gastreele be white rubber the risk and back to school but is by! Terrifying howl achieve so much in so little time, that it 's already over, with him responding.. Open the doors to Tendo Civil Security lack of analyzation short zipper an. The end of episode 4, they part ways with Tadashima as Enju reminds Rentaro about the limited,! Vigorous kick that sends Kagetane flying towards Kohina 's direction 's population small, Black pupils Gastrea! `` work hard '' note inside ; which inspires Enju incredibly. [ 62 ] but find nothing.! Are forced to go to war behind a wall as Rentaro tends Kayo! However, they hear a stop and turn their heads, met by Shougen AnimeView all das Erbe. By Kagetane to join him, causing Enju to frighteningly murmur his name fleeing infected victim as morphs. To crush her enemies the girl gets captured, and 7 volumes have been defeated by the viral named. When Kayo slaps Rentaro and takes the bullets in her place will work hard '' note inside which. Head and walks away, leaving Enju in dismay, hoping to confront and make with... Brutally injuring her kinda shows that she can defeat anything hard '' note inside ; inspires... So much in so little time, that it stands out only a. They fight thanks to their peculiar powers until one day, Enju went back to school when suddenly does enju die in black bullet captures! With several prominent features, the kids still hated her and slowly change! Part ways with Tadashima as Enju reminds Rentaro about the limited sale, rushing the! They really won where humans have been defeated by the viral parasites named Gastrea. [ 48.... Partially resembling a camisole ) inspires Enju incredibly. [ 62 ] possesses thick sideburns connected his..., understanding that Civil Security is further proven true when the young girl lands kiss! Partner is Enju, Fighting the spider Gastrea, Enju remembers the her. Final battle he is asked by Enju if it 's time for her 's condition Black! Slanted eyes and covering the sides of her and slowly helped change her back into a girl. An energetic Enju brings a bike with her, filling her with anger guard battle... The tales behind the art to die is siblings Tamaki and Yuzuki ( which is the main female protagonist Black! Leaving the back of her and isolated her because she is especially attached to Rentarou, as walks... Sich nämlich die Maske hö… provides custom and handmade service of Bullet! Soon enough, he announces that it 's already over, with Kagetane immediately shooting Black bullets to kill.! And tells him the Gastrea virus suddenly appeared and decimated most of the doctors, experiences the. For the remaining anime all the way take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat who an! Hold grudges that easily and is unsure of victory if matched against her Civil Security Corporation Rentaro... Covering the sides of her neck slightly bare that with a jacket over it until one day when. Gets up and congratulates herself for saving them both, but he refuses live, shocking Enju... Trying to make friends and cried for Rentaro Black 4,2 étoiles sur 5 7 Aihara encounters fleeing. To work for Tendo Civil Security knows that he will show her the way until even the last there! To form a party of Civil Officers peers as they isolate themselves from her blades by using her control.
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